Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fast(er) Cars

One of the problems with being a part of the car community is just what you DO with a fast car.  Back in the day guys would go to the drag strip, and earn their pride 1/4 mile at a time.  The modern modified scene has a heavy influence on drifting, not so much going fast, as getting there in a different way.  European supercars are track bred animals, but who has access to the Nurburgring anyways?  When talking about cars with friends and relatives a comment such at "Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg is putting out a new car, called the Agera, which could break the record of 268 miles per hour." I will typically get the response, "Where will you ever go that fast?"    Every year there are a number of events dedicated to outright speed of cars.  Bonneville Speedweek has been running land speed records since 1912, but they say racing on the salt flat is a different animal from asphalt or concrete.  This week the Texas Mile is running, where car culture comes together to celebrate top speed.  Classic roadsters, exotics, tuners, both race spec and bone stock come out to run the top end without a pesky speeding ticket for it.  They utilize a disabled airport runway and the goal is to post the highest speed possible, one mile from the start line.  Oh yeah this is the fast show. Speedhunters is at the event and will provide exceptional coverage as always.

    5th generation mustang with tape covering areas of turbulent air around the car, giving it a better aero profile.  Behind is the Time Attack series car of Ryan Gates.  Picture by Linhbergh of Speedhunters


  1. I love that cobra in front of the picture! I want!

  2. people just dont understand that cars are an art, and really the most legitimate art. Its also a thing of pride and ability.

  3. those cars are sick!!