Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cars Post

One of the more recent trends in car modification has revolved not around the usual areas (performance and wheels) but on the car's finish.  The classic finishes like gloss, candy, and metallics are all attractive in their own right, but the new swing strips down the polish.  These are matte finishes, also know as flat.  Previously a car without a shine was a sign that somebody had run out of cash and rattle-canned their rides themselves.  New technologies in the makeup of paints, as well as vinyl car-wrap finishes have made an even attractive matte color an option.  Disadvantages are in the life-course of the paint, which is meant more as a show finish than a daily driver color.  Tree sap, bugs, and other corrosives can be extremely damaging to a flat finish, and it needs constant care to stay condition.  
>The trend started with black cars, taking a stealth bomber approach.
>After the black proved the concept, other dark colors came out, such as these.
>And now even more bold colors are coming out.
Right now the matte finish trend is mostly in the European tuner scene, the asian VIP customizations, and the US west coast.  However as the technology gets more popular other areas and manufacturers are beginning to show their new models in a matte wrap (see the rust colored Alfa above).  Some people claim that going mainstream will kill the look, that too much of it will kill the uniqueness of the look.  What opinions do you guys have on the flat look?

Video Time!
A Porsche GT2 RS having a spin on the Nurburgring

The Official Commercial for the new Lamborghini Aventador


  1. the lambo commercial makes me have infinite want! geez, what I wouldn't give to make my garage into a Man Cave for a car like that!

  2. I love all and each one of them! Specially the Ferrari 458. I saw one in a fuel station, and its sound accelerating was just stunning lovely!

  3. I really want cars like those. All of those.

  4. I think a matte black finish looks awesome. Plus radar guns don't like that finish. Double bonus!

  5. Anyone of these cars would do me. Fantistic post.

  6. Nice post, just found your blog.

  7. Personally, I like shiny cars :)

  8. Looks awesome man. How long till manufacturers start offering this stuff and kill it? Pretty soon I hope, gonna get one, haha