Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midweek Post

Hey everybody, just wanted to drop a couple quick updates.  Expect a weekend preview later this week, these are just news tidbits.

>The racing circuit currently under construction outside of Austin Texas now has a name and another event.  Reports have come out the the 3.4 mile 20 turn facility, purpose designed to hold Formula 1 events stateside, had been named "Circuit of the Americas."  Also announced, Moto GP (the international equivalent of F1 for 2 wheels) has announced they too will compete on COTA when it is complete.  With events currently held at Laguna Seca in California, and Indianapolis, will there be 3 events for the bikes, or will one of the old tracks lose their place? Source

>The intended first round of the Formula 1 season was supposed to have been held in Bahrain two weeks before the Australian GP.  This was postponed due to increasing civil unrest in the region, the sport not wanting to be involved in the danger and politics of the situation.  Bahrain has been given a May 1st deadline to reschedule the race, or lose it for the season.  After the bore that was last year's Bahrain GP, a number of fans, myself included, won't be sad to see it go. Source

>Speedhunters, one of my favorite sites for car culture was busy this weekend.  They attended a grassroots event of the Irish Touring Car Championship.  In its second season the ITCC is still relatively unknown.  Ireland has never been known as a big place for racing (with only one notable track in the country).  Using production based cars graded by driver skill and lap time rather than strict technical regulations.  Running door to door in the same cars you see on the streets is the racing every new driver wishes they could do on the weekends.  Check out the article HERE

VW, Subaru, Honda, Acura, Ford, BMW and Mini are all represented in the growing series.

>Ok thats all for the updates, here's some good trippy music for your day.


  1. the irish touring car championship looks like it's worth watching.

  2. VW, Subaru, Honda, Acura, Ford, BMW and Mini. Mini?? I know they've got some speedy models but it just looks funny.

  3. god i want one, any one of them.

  4. one day, i want to mod my own car, and race... one day, when i have a job... but for now, reading this will have to suffice, haha

  5. Love QotSA.
    Also, I was reading on wiki about the circuit. It's been designed by THE most famous circuit designer, can't wait to see some racing done there!


  6. Queens of the Tone age are awesome!

    followed you!

  7. Thanks for the info, and some great music to go with it!